Pink Intimate Lubricants embrace the essence of what is female... Sexy, confident, playful, loving, unique. Each exclusive lubricant is carefully created to ensure each and every intimate experience is the most pleasurable and fulfilling it can be.

At Pink we realize every woman is unique. While some women desire lubricants to enhance pleasure from toys, other women may not produce natural lubrication as they once used to, or may even experience medical conditions which impact their personal comfort and desire for sexual intimacy.

For all these reasons, Pink lubricants are carefully crafted to enhance or replace natural moisture and improve your sexual desire. Always safe, gentle, long-lasting, and worry-free, so every private and partnered encounter is your ultimate pleasure.

To provide women with sexual wellness products that increase their sense of pleasure, playfulness, and confidence through every intimate experience.


Founded in 2001, Pink was created by Empowered Products Inc, an international sexual health and wellness company. Using the feedback and life experience of women, Pink was designed to offer a unique line of intimate lubricants that could be used safely and effectively by women who desired added lubrication for intercourse, toys and foreplay, and also to provide products women could feel confident and eager to use to increase intimacy with their partners or for their own personal pleasure. From intimate lubricants to arousal enhancers, Pink provides a selection of differing weights and uses of lubricants, so each woman can find the one that best meets the needs of her body. All Pink product packaging is presented in stylish feminine bottles that complement the bedroom and invite use by both partners.

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